Медуза – Meduza ist eine russische Internetzeitung mit Sitz in Riga

Медуза changed its news feed.
I recommend to subscribe to newsletter@meduza.io and the daily updated news on the war against Ukraine (both in English).

Über hwiesenthal

Soziologe und Politikwissenschaftler, seit 2003 im Ruhestand, wohnt in Berlin.
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3 Antworten zu Медуза – Meduza ist eine russische Internetzeitung mit Sitz in Riga

  1. Peter schreibt:

    Apropos Meduza: It’s actually available in English (at least some of it):

    Here’s a clip from CNN, from 2 days ago, with the editor-in-chief of Meduza Ivan Kolpakov:

  2. Peter schreibt:

    What, exactly, is a “neutral” Ukraine?

    Why Ukraine staying out of NATO is emerging as a possible settlement to end the war.


    9 big questions about Russia’s war in Ukraine, answered

    Addressing some of the most pressing questions of the whole war, from how it started to how it might end.


    1) Why did Russia invade Ukraine?

    2) Who is winning the war?

    3) Why is Russia’s military performing so poorly?

    4) What has the war meant for ordinary Ukrainians?

    5) What do Russians think about the war?

    6) What is the US role in the conflict?

    7) How is the rest of the world responding to Russia’s actions?

    8) Could this turn into World War III?

    9) How could the war end?

  3. Peter schreibt:

    Peter Bergen: The number that puts Vladimir Putin at risk. March 24, 2022


    The official Soviet death toll during the Afghan War, which lasted more than nine years, was around 15,000 soldiers. It is therefore quite telling that the Russians may have already lost as many 15,000 soldiers in just one month in Ukraine, according to estimates given to CNN by senior NATO officials.

    Michaels, Daniel; Coles, Isabel; Kantchev, Georgi. Russian Casualties Are Mounting — Biden is in Brussels for talks with allies; NATO says Moscow has lost up to fifth of its forces. Wall Street Journal, 24 Mar 2022

    NATO estimated Russia has lost as much as one-fifth of its combat forces sent to Ukraine in about a month of fighting as President Biden and alliance leaders gathered in Brussels for a summit to discuss providing further support to Kyiv to repel the Russian invasion.

    Between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine and up to 40,000 Russian troops in total have been killed, wounded, taken prisoner or are missing, said a senior military official from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Russia might also have lost 10% of its equipment, impairing Moscow’s ability to maintain its pace of operations, said another NATO official.

    The casualty count would underscore how much Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which began Feb. 24, has become bogged down after what defense analysts have said have been a series of operational missteps. Ukrainian defensive operations have emerged as far tougher and enduring than was expected.

    U.S. estimates of Russian casualties were „not that high,“ a senior U.S. defense official said Wednesday, referring to the NATO estimates. The official declined to provide an alternative figure. Some U.S. officials have estimated in recent days that up to 7,000 Russian troops have been killed.

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